About Us

  • WickedHydroDeals is about you, the grower, the gardener, the customer - we are you, we were standing in your shoes only so long ago.
  • We are here to provide the best deals. We are easy to contact and easy to work with.
  • We started WickedHydroDeals to be competitive on the national or perhaps even international scale. We are here on-line spreading our wicked perspective on how to do things right, but to us it is way more real than that, once you call us to ask us a question or give us some advice...or buys a few odds and ends to make your garden better, you are part of our world - we are the on-line store that makes you feel like you just walked through the door.
  • We operate just like a local store, we obsess about the details, will give you quick answers or research the answer and get back to you quickly, we love plants, growing and just about every other practical craft or trade in this world.
  • We welcome any suggestions on how we can do our jobs better or increase the quality of our services. We mean every last word in the previous sentence, we just don't know how to stress it enough.
  • The number is (970) 901-5105 the email is or you can mail us at POB 270534, Littleton, Colorado 80127.