Privacy Notice

Simply put, we are WICKED PRIVATE.

We are trading with you, the customer and any sales will be kept between you, us and our employees.

We maintain the current industry standard for security and encription in the transfer of sensitive data, including names, addresses, credit card info etc. We will update such protections as respected sources advise us to do so.

We do not store credit card data unless we specifically set up a charge account in writing with you to do so.

We do not share any customer lists or ever intend to make a profit off of your data in any way except to maintain our relationship with you. People who do this just plain suck.

If you want to be signed up for newsleters or updates and specifically request that we do so, we will send you such things, but you will not be automatically included in any such lists. We are not that big on that type of stuff but it could come in the future (do you need another fake blog for facebook post?)

The default relationship is WICKED SIMPLE and WICKED PRIVATE. Just a simple trade of goods for funds between two parties. The trade in knowledge is absolutely free.