Killer 14 Site P-T bubble Cloner Package

Was: $59.95
Now: $49.95

THIS PACKAGE IS A WICKED HYDRO DEAL! These cloners work great and you can easily scale up. Easier than spray cloning for the small gardner, in our opinion. Let's make this clear a $50 cloner that is durable and works great. Best of all the guys making this product in the midwest have day jobs just like you and I, they just stay up all night molding you the best in mini hydrogear. If you get this guy, you will be glad you did not waste time drilling out totes at the box store. Four of them would still be cheaper than most larger cloners....


You get:


1 - Plantation Tempation 1 gallon base

1 - Plantation Temptation 14-2" site lid (they also have a 4-3.75" lid)

1 - Active Air 1 outlet pump (upgrade to the 2 or 4 outlet if you want to add more basins)

1 - Active Air 12" air stone

5 - Feet of 1/4" air tubing (more upon request)

16 - Neo Pot Inserts - these rings hold the neoprene from falling into the hole - allow you to check your root zone often.

16 - Neoprene 2" disk with slots to hold your cuttings. We have black, but also a variety of colors for color coding varieties of plants, just let us know if you want colors until we get the options up on the site. Most colors in the Rainbow are avail.

1 - pack of Clonex Gel