Paymt, Shipping & Returns

We Accept a number of different forms of PAYMENT. We accept Checks and Money Orders via the mail (subject to clearing prior to shipment), we will accept a wire transfer (call to set this up), we can accept a Direct Deposit into our bank (call to set this up), we accept Credit Cards (VISA, MC, DISCOVER, AMEX) and we accept Cash in person (call us to arrange this if you live in the part of the USA that says wicked on a regular basis we are all over this neck of the woods).

All Credit Card users must either ship to the address associated with the Card OR the user can authorize an alternative address that we can confirm with their card company. This may seem like a pain in the butt, but it is a very good method to avoid fraud.


We Ship via UPS or the USPS (United States Postal Service) in most cases and Federal Express for International Shipments. Generally, we are shipping within 2-5 business days of confirming an order (sorry, we live in the real world), though sometimes it may take longer. If Ground Shipping is chosen, you should receive your items within 1-5 business days after we ship, depending on location within the US. Foreign shipments may take longer.


NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT: Just about any on-line shopping cart system, like the one used here, cannot integrate and understand that you may be purshasing multiple items that we can pack in one box and ship for far less than the multiple items shipped in their own boxes or seperate shipments. Thus if you are buying more than one item, generally you will actually be billed for LESS than what is stated at checkout, and occasionally calculation errors occur. For example if you buy two items that each say shipping is $5, thus will total $10 in shipping, it is not uncommon to be able to actually ship these two items for $6, thus we will only charge you $6 even though the checkout said $10. Rest assured that we will find the best path to you and we will not make money off the the shipping process. There are no handling or hidden fees. Just the prices and the UPS or freight charge passed along and not even all the time.


The buyer is responsible to check the shipment for damage and reject it if it comes to you with clear damage due to shipping. The buyer is also responsible to open any packages promptly and alert us of any damage or issues that were not visable outside of the box within 14 days of delivery. If we are notified of the issue within this time period and you promptly ship us the item back, the will be no cost consequence to you for resolving the issue. We are here for you and we will treat your right.

We will exchange or work with you to get any manufacturer to make good any faulty product within the warranty period for the product and will generally provide unquestioned swap outs or returns within a reasonable amount of time, based on the product, at our discretion. We will follow manufacturers' or distributors' guidelines and hold them to their warranties. This applies to cases where the product arrived in good condition, but failed to work properly after some period of time. Again, we are here for you and we will treat you right.

We ask that the customer pay for any shipping of returned goods and upon review of the item, any confirmed shipping damage or manufacturer's issue will result in a refund return shipping costs in addition to any product return or exchange compensation. Once again, we are here for you and we will treat you right.